What’s so Special about Land?

Screenshot_052714_035039_AMAs you consider the many investment opportunities out there or the endless wealth-building strategies, you may come to wonder why should you consider land? This is something I first thought about years ago. I knew one day I wanted a place to call my own. I knew I would be a landowner. Maybe it’s something you have thought about and just never acted on. Or maybe you already own many parcels of land and can share your insights as well.

So what does make land so special? Well, there are several advantages to be had from owning land. These will not all be true in every situation but they could be true for you. Here are some advantages you may not have thought about:

  1. Raw Land is typically cheaper than improved lots.
  2. Lower carrying costs than other developed properties. Taxes are generally the only major expense on land. Mortgages, when you can get them, are for a much shorter time period than a house mortgage.
  3. Land is a great store of value, thus it appreciates as currencies de-value and buildings get older or fall into disrepair. Land holds its value.
  4. It is easier to change the zoning and use on a piece of land than on most buildings if your plans for the property changes.
  5. You can build the home of your dreams, customized to your satisfaction. You get a lot of flexibility with Land ownership.
  6. Privacy. This is your territory and the one who owns the land makes the rules – you can hunt, fish, farm, ride dirtbikes and ATVs, camp, build, celebrate, etc.
  7. Access to resources – a river or stream may cross your property, you could have mineral rights, trees or brush. These resources could offer other kinds of benefits.
  8. Tax benefits
  9. Investing in Land is easy – No tenants, no termites, and no toilets!
  10. Not only is it easy, investing can be very lucrative also. As markets shift and less desirable areas become more desirable, investors in land can collect high returns.


Let us know about what advantages you look for when you buy land. Continue checking back with us because we are always on the move, posting new properties and adding new features to make your experience even more fun and easier.