Overcome Property Land Search Overload in 5 Simple Steps

Sometimes I know it seems like we live in an information overload society. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut down on the process of sifting through the bad from the good information? Alas, I can’t offer an all-encompassing solution to that, but I can offer some advice you can apply to your Arizona property search. As you dive in to the myriad of resources available on the internet, keep this in mind.

Frustrated land searching tortoise by  flickr user apothecary

Frustrated with the slow pace of your land and property searches? So is this guy! Credit: flickr user apothecary

Skim the information quickly and ask yourself:

  • Does the speaker/author have real-world experience or are they hashing out what they’ve heard about or read about?
  • Is the information basic common sense with no real depth or insight or does it provoke great thoughts and ideas?
  • Is the information really relevant to your search?

You could and people frequently do, waste time by getting caught up in irrelevant searches. This is especially the case when it comes to looking at properties. Many times we might want to learn more about buying land, but then we get sidetracked because a different property or option catches our eye.


These are some of our favorite places to learn more about buying land in Arizona, but can apply to any kind of property, plot of land or real estate you are thinking about buying –

  1. The county website where the property of interest is located: Look at the county information; this is a critical step to take when you are ready to buy land. Each county has its own laws and regulations for real estate transactions. Take the time to locate the parcel details. Most county websites have GIS (Geographic Information Systems) maps that can tell you a lot about the area of interest. The county website can also indicate who to connect with to ask about things such as permits, septic systems, mineral rights, easements, and zoning. Being familiar with finding information through the county is an asset. For instance when searching for land in Arizona, the websites for Mohave County, Pinal County, and Pima County are fairly easy to navigate but are each a little different; whereas the Cochise County website can be difficult to get the land and property information you are seeking.
  2. Google Earth: Google is full of valuable information, from conducting the most basic search to running the most sophisticated business. In between these, there is Google Earth. Travel the distance with your fingers first before driving out to a property that might not be for you.
  3. Lot Network: This website provides valuable information particularly for someone who wants to buy raw land to develop or build their home on it, but that does not nearly cover it all. I encourage you to read through some of the blog articles and tips before buying land.
  4. The Real Dirt on Buying & Selling Land: This blog gives land investors and realtors in particular some good tips and advice about the actual process of marketing or buying/selling land.
  5. Landthink: Whether you want to learn more about government involvement, farmland investments, or conservation, as you continue educating yourself about land in general, this website delivers insight to the current affairs of land investing in the US.

These search resources are in no way an all-inclusive look  and we are not affiliated with these websites in any way. Always use your own good judgment about collecting and studying information. Buying land may be something you’ve considered for a long time or maybe a whimsical idea. Either way, we encourage you to do some due diligence before you buy your property.