Urban Fatigue?

Is life in the city beginning to lose its appeal for you? Cities can be full of thrills, excitement and events, great for those who enjoy a restless lifestyle. But over time the fun wears off and the realities of daily living set in. Take a typical scenario. You’ve moved into a comfortable apartment in… [Read More]

Overcome Property Land Search Overload in 5 Simple Steps

Sometimes I know it seems like we live in an information overload society. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut down on the process of sifting through the bad from the good information? Alas, I can’t offer an all-encompassing solution to that, but I can offer some advice you can apply to your Arizona… [Read More]

Questions & Feedback

Many of you have questions or concerns when you’re looking for property. Often similar questions arise in the minds of others, or they may seek additional details or clarifications. This blog offers an open forum that allows us and our readers to respond to your questions.  If we, or our reader’s don’t have an answer, we’ll search for someone who has.