Black Friday Tips: How to Tell Who You’re Buying Land From

Just as much as you want to know if that Black Friday deal is really the best offer, or if you should be looking at yet another store’s smart TV deals, knowing one smart land purchase from another can also be based on understanding the type of company you’re purchasing from. Picture this… You’ve found… [Read More]

Can you Time the Land and Real Estate Market?

The short answer is No, not to perfection, but you can get pretty darn close to it. The most lucrative strategy to buying real estate in Arizona, or in any state or any investment for that matter, is the long held quip, “buy low and sell high.” The typical Arizona market is just starting to… [Read More]

Overcome Property Land Search Overload in 5 Simple Steps

Sometimes I know it seems like we live in an information overload society. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut down on the process of sifting through the bad from the good information? Alas, I can’t offer an all-encompassing solution to that, but I can offer some advice you can apply to your Arizona… [Read More]

Living Off the Grid

If you’re looking at some of the more out of the way lots that we offer, you may be one of the increasing number of individuals who enjoy camping or living in rural settings, away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas and inquisitive neighbors and you’re not alone. More and more people are… [Read More]

What do Demographics Tell us about the Economy?

Is anybody uneasy about the economy these days? Are you unsure of what the future holds or whether the economy will pick up or plummet? Are you wondering what a good solid investment is today? I, for one, tend to question the economists that paint a rosy picture in the media right now. There is… [Read More]

Are you Thinking about Retiring in Arizona?

When we’re considering our options for where to retire most of us think about the sun, our health and the activities we can enjoy as we age. Retirement communities have popped up all over the country. Most now have better transportation to medical centers or grocery stores, an activity center or at least a pool, regular… [Read More]

What’s so Special about Land?

As you consider the many investment opportunities out there or the endless wealth-building strategies, you may come to wonder why should you consider land? This is something I first thought about years ago. I knew one day I wanted a place to call my own. I knew I would be a landowner. Maybe it’s


…began when the sea covered everything and the land was an ocean floor. As the water receded and the earth’s crust began to dry and settle, volcanos spouted hot lava and mountain ranges were pushed high into the air. Remaining waters became rivers and streams cutting deep canyons, and some areas became so dry, deserts… [Read More]

Nearly 10,000 New Jobs Coming to Southern Arizona

A groundbreaking ceremony lured hundreds of people, many of them Casa Grande residents, to a remote field a couple miles east of I-10 on Florence Avenue. The large crowd signified just how important the people in the small community of 50,000 view the project. It’s called PhoenixMart and it will bring more than 9,000 jobs… [Read More]