Black Friday Tips: How to Tell Who You’re Buying Land From

Don’t wait in line for great land property deals.

‘Don’t wait in line for great land deals.’ photo credit: Infusionsoft via photopin cc

Just as much as you want to know if that Black Friday deal is really the best offer, or if you should be looking at yet another store’s smart TV deals, knowing one smart land purchase from another can also be based on understanding the type of company you’re purchasing from.

Picture this…

You’ve found a piece of property for sale that looks great. It meets all of your needs and requirements.

Now stay with us. Next, one of the things you’d want to establish is who you are buying land from. Knowing this opens up an understanding of the process, the fees, and type of transaction you’re about to enter.

So rather than jumping into the car to rush over and wait for three never ending hours to snag a TV you can easily pick up next week, read these tips to identify the type of company or person you’re looking to purchase land from.

To start, a common myth is that anyone can sell a piece of land to you, so long as they can tie it up under contract.

Why is this a myth? Simple.

It breaks the law.

So who can sell land in Arizona?

Only a licensed real estate agent can negotiate the sale of property they do not own Brokers and real estate agents will buy licences and pay numerous fees to maintain their licenses. If someone is selling land that they do not own, ask about their real estate licence, or better yet, check the FAQ and About Us on their site before wasting any more time. Your time is valuable after all, so trust your instincts. If you don’t trust the site, go no further.

Another type of land for sale you’ll find are properties for sale by owners. These are the types of properties you’ll find on this site for instance. Stake This Land lists properties for sale, by the owner of that property. There are no real estate agents involved, which means you get to save your money and not have to pay those additional realtor fees. 

Trust who you buy land from. Honest communication is key! #landtips

When you call our team, we will never be negotiating the sale of property that we do not own. In some instances, the friendly voice answering will refer you to the owner to negotiate the terms of sale. In our effort to make Stake This Land a center for valuable information on land ownership and great land deals, we’ve opened our pages to other owners with land for sale.. We list these properties to give you a better advantage as you compare properties.

Just like any purchase, you always want to know who you’re buying from. In this case, the best way to get to know the owner of a piece of land is to reach out. Fill in the contact us form with your questions or better yet, call us to ask a real estate professional over the phone. Whether you’re purchasing from an agent or owner, you want to find someone who will stay in regular, open communication with you throughout the process every step of the way.

If you have any questions about the land for sale on this site, or the process, don’t hesitate to reach out with a comment below, reaching out through the contact us form, or call us at 520-777-0025.