Are you Thinking about Retiring in Arizona?

Golfing Retirement in Arizona

When we’re considering our options for where to retire most of us think about the sun, our health and the activities we can enjoy as we age. Retirement communities have popped up all over the country. Most now have better transportation to medical centers or grocery stores, an activity center or at least a pool, regular community social events, and a multitude of other services for retirees. Unfortunately, many times you end up living on top of your neighbors so to speak to enjoy these services. There are alternatives.

Arizona has so much to offer this growing population. For one thing, there is still plenty of raw land in Arizona that is virtually untapped. If you are even considering building or bringing your home here, you could easily find acreage far more affordable than you can in many other places.

Housing costs in Arizona are more reasonable than many other parts of the country. According to, the median price of a home is around $132,900. The average cost of building a home is $97.42 per square foot. The cost of moving a modular home to your location can vary widely from $6,000 to beyond $30,000.

Saving money on taxes is always a good subject to consider when looking at retirement states. Social Security Benefits are not taxed. Also there is no inheritance, gifts, or estate tax.

The climate is preferable for most people. With its sunny skies and dry weather, the lack of humidity can be a huge bonus especially for anyone with breathing conditions such as COPD, allergies, or asthma.

There are many ways to stay healthy and enjoy social activities. The state attracts cyclists, runners, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. So whether you want to enjoy a one-time special event, try out a new hobby, or continue an all-time favorite, there are so many options for you here. For the less sporty types don’t worry; music, art festivals, volunteerism, and history are also a huge part of the culture here.

Don’t forget about Golf! Arizona is like a mecca for golf enthusiasts with millions of people coming each year to enjoy the over 400 golf courses scattered around the state.

birdwatching See the sights! In your free time throughout retirement you’ll be within a days’ travel to some of the  country’s most popular destinations. The Grand Canyon, London Bridge, Las Vegas, Sedona, Native American reservations, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Flagstaff, Antelope Canyon are only some of the great places to visit.

Wildlife and Arizona sunsets are an incredible part of our reputation for any visitor or resident to experience again and again. Birdwatchers would not be disappointed with the variety of species and hikers happen across all kinds of wildlife from coyotes and mountain lions to Gila monsters, roadrunners, javelinas, and bobcats.

Oh yea, and I can’t forget to mention this. In most parts of Arizona, there is no snow shoveling!

So what are your must-haves to consider when you retire?